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TimeWorkx Reseller Program

Timeworkx, the only home based business that aids in marketing your current business by itself with broadcast video and online internet collaborations such as Video Email, Video Conferencing and online PowerPoint presentations integrated with broadcast video of all lengths.

Build an organization of Resellers and earn multiple streams of income from our highly profitable Compensation Plan. Use our Video marketing Tools and our Prospecting System to rapidly build your TimeWorx business.

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When you join TimeWorkx as an Executive producer you will receive Broadcast quality Template commercial video(s). Choose from a TimeWorkx product commercial, a TimeWorkx opportunity commercial or a commercial for your current Opportunity. Your contact information will be added to your videos.

No Experience Necessary
We understand you know nothing about video production and our state of the art video marketing tools. The beauty of this opportunity is you don’t have to. We have designed a turnkey process that enables you to enter the lucrative advertising industry with no experience necessary. Let our outstanding quality and reputation give you the instant credibility you need to make immediate revenue.


TyBit & R2Group Affiliate Program

This is your opportunity to capitalize on the lucrative Internet search industry. According to eMarketer online advertising is expected to grow by 28.5% in 2008 up from 26.8% in 2007. The major search engines experience millions of searches per day and billions of searches per month. tyBit® puts Publishers (Telcos, OEMs, Software, Media, Carriers, Non-profits) or any organization with a subscriber base in the driver's seat for leveraging the surge in the Internet search space and monetizing their customer base

  • Get 20% commission for advertising on accounts you manage
  • Build long term relationships and additional revenue streams with clients through Campaign Management, Affiliate Program and Global Keyword Registry
  • Allows for your clients to advertise locally, national or globally based on Pay Per Click or GKR
  • You set your own Campaign Management terms with your clients
  • tyBit provides interface to generate all reports needed to manage and oversee advertising campaigns and send reports to your clients
  • tyBit serves text ads and video ads based on keywords
  • Over 6,000 Advertisers in tyBit already
  • On line advertising is a multi-billion dollar a year industry
  • Developed by AIT with over 12 years industry experience in web hosting
  • tyBit provides verifiable accounting of advertising traffic
  • AdVARs can receive a discount code for Global Keyword Registry purchases
  • AdVARs can offer Affiliate revenue streams back to their clients
  • tyBit provides metrics and statistics reporting for your clients to compare
  • Advertisers need assistance in creating, developing, placing and managing ad campaigns and will need the subject matter expertise that you offer
  • Partnership opportunities exist for large organizations of 100,000 or more. Below is a Partner Revenue Share Calculator to see what your potential earnings could be based on the industry average...

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