Website Backup Service

Nothing is more vital to your business than information, whether that means data about your customers, your vendors, target markets, or sales trends. Information is also a tool that should be there when you need it, not a commodity that you should have to spend precious hours storing data. R2Group backs up its network daily. Additionally, with R2Group's customer controlled data backup service, you have the flexibility to ensure vital data is backed up to a redundant system when you need extra assurance, so you can spend your time focusing on customers instead of IT issues. We also provide higher end back up services.

R2Group's data recovery service makes information storage easy and convenient. Never again search through multiple files or applications searching for the data you need. R2Group's customer controlled solution provides you with peace of mind, allowing for up to 4 data backups per month. While a local backup may the first step you consider, it shouldn't be the only one.

  R2Group Customers R2Group Premium Resellers
Setup Cost: $50 $20
Monthly Fee: $9.95 $5.95
Purchase Order

NOTE: This service is currently available only on Virtual Linux Plans.
Windows Website Backup Service Plan is coming soon.

Backups of larger than 1GB will require a different backup solution.  Call for details.

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