Consulting Service

Anyone can start a business. But, not everyone can start a business that will be successful. The questions you have and the problems you encounter are exactly the ones we ran into before turning a single company into nearly a dozen. Along the way, we were forced to navigate the sometimes-choppy waters of the physical business world. Our company has grown in size, scope, and revenues; expansion has been fueled by profits and red is just a color in the logo.

R2Group is here to help the home-based and small office entrepreneur unravel the mysteries of the Internet and Business. Our philosophy is that you may be our customer, but you're also the boss. It's your business and we let you run it; if, however, you need assistance with certain aspects of the business, we're there beside you. We believe in things like the entrepreneurial spirit and economic independence. We believe our partners should have that same freedom.

The experience in our staff encompasses all points of the economic spectrum. We've experienced the roadblocks associated with starting a business, the frustration of growth not coming quickly enough, and the frenzy of keeping up growth when it did materialize. And, if you're offering a good product or service at a competitive price, increased demand will result. Businesses, like people, tend to be creatures of habit. Let us help you make your business a habit for customers.

Our Standard Consultation rate is $45 - $75 per hour

Take a few minutes and outline your issues and email them to R2Group. Ensure you title your email - R2Group CONSULTING - "Your Customer Number". Use the following topics to help organize your outline - Sales/Marketing; Financial; Legal; Technical. R2Group's Executive Management Team and Associates CEO, Clarence Briggs, will take time to respond to your questions and help you through the turbulent waters because if you don't succeed, R2Group will not succeed. This is just another part of our commitment to you as a partner.

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