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Accept Major Credit Cards, 98% Account Approval Rate!

Maximize Sales and Profits with the Power of US Merchant Systems Transaction Processing. All Systems are Security encrypted!

Put Major Purchasing Power to Work for Your Business!

Whether you own a Retail, Internet, Home-Based, or any other type of business, US Merchant Systems, Inc. can help you reach your full sales potential. US Merchant Systems, Inc. transaction processing lets you accept all major credit cards, ATM cards, risk free checks, sophisticated secure Internet transactions, and electronic checks. US Merchant Systems, Inc. provides the latest state-of-the-art technology for capturing all types of payment from clients.

Here’s Why Successful Businesses Accept Credit Cards…
More Sales Studies have shown that having a merchant account may increase sales by as much as 30-50% or more. Many direct marketing businesses produce 90% to 100% of there sales by credit card.

Bigger Sales The average credit card user spends 2.5 times more then the average cash buyers!

Cash Flow
When clients pay you with credit cards or ATM cards, you’ll receive your money faster than you would have with a check or money order. Enjoy the security knowing you have already received payment.

More Impulse Buyers
With credit cards, buyers feel more freedom to make unplanned purchases.

Free Shopping Cart!
Enhanced Credibility
The ability to accept credit card payments gives you valuable credibility in the eyes of prospective and current clients. If you have a Home-based or small business a Merchant Account levels the playing field with large companies as those companies expand especially on the Internet.

Higher Profit Margins
Credit Card customers are typically less conscious of price differences than the buyers that pay by check or cash.

Competitive Edge
FACT: Credit Card and ATM users tend to seek out businesses that accept credit cards and ATM card payments over those that do not.

A Merchant Account May Increase Your Sales by 30% to 50% or More!

Merchant Services Capabilities
  • All major credit cards
  • ATM, debt, and check guarantee
  • Secure Internet payment processing
  • Electronic checks via the Internet, phone or fax
  • State-of-the-art equipment and software
  • Fast customer service response
  • 24-hour, 7 day customer service
  • Risk free guarantee checks or verification Services
  • Quick approval and installation of new accounts
  • Access funds with in 24-48 hours
  • Free supplies and equipment replacement with USMS Merchant Club.

Easy Application and Approval Process

With US Merchant Systems, Inc. you’ll enjoy the simple application process. All you need to do is complete an application and fax it, mail it to R2 I.M.C.G. or US Merchant Systems.

We’ll do the rest! Most businesses will never need to submit mounds of documents usually required by other companies. At USMS nearly all applications are approved for a merchant account, as high as 98% of businesses are accepted within 24-48 hours

Services Range from $22.95 to $69.95 per month based on your business needs. We can support all your business needs with our state of the art programs.

To Get Your Account Started leave your information and a representative will contact you as soon as possible. To receive a discount on your first months service call

To receive a monthly discount enter product code #21787
R2Group at (253) 620-4109 or 1-877-510-7928


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