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WMT- Turn your web site into an effective communications tool.

Website Management Tools

WMT is a content management solution that runs on your web server and adds dynamic features to any web site. WMT is browser-based, allowing your staff to securely manage updates to any area of your web site from any computer. No software to install on your computer and no HTML programming is necessary.

Simply paste your existing web pages into WMT or start with the pre-built web site that is included with WMT and you are ready to go! Your staff will be able to instantly and effortlessly take advantage of all the new features of your WMT website solution!

Make technology work for you and remove your current limitations! Using this web based solution you can edit any pages on your current website with little effort, saving time and money you would pay for in-house IT support or the delays while working with web designers. Choose one of R2Group's hosting platforms and signup today or if applicable transfer your existing website to R2Group and take advantage of this unique technology. This is a perfect reseller tool to help your clients manage some of their own website giving you free time from minor website changes.

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Let's face it, an out of date web site is about as attractive to your customers as an uncut lawn is to a potential homebuyer. Many businesses don't have the time or the technology staff to maintain or update their web sites; in the high-speed information age, not being current can mean losing out on sales. We have the solution to keep your site timely . . .We create a coherent brand that can be applied across a range of media. Our skilled designers produce professional visuals that will get you noticed.

Web Site Design
Flash Animation
Logo and Corporate Identity Development
Advertising Material Design
Mailers and HTML Email Design

R2Group delivers professional-level designs that span from simple to complex depending on client needs. Always emphasized are attention to detail, usability, ease of navigation ease, and short download times. From small informational sites to complex business sites with shopping carts, databases, content management, and Flash animation, R2Group possesses the complete range of artistic and technical skills required for flawless implementations.

In our design studio, we utilize the latest tools and applications to breath life into your brand and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Concept Development
The design process begins with devising a concept for the web site based on the client's image, nature of the business, a thorough assessment of competitor Web sites, and other set objectives. From this knowledge base, a graphical design is created that will standout among the competition. Other facets of the operation include organizing the information flow and fashioning a user-friendly interface. Custom logos are designed as needed. We can create designs that match existing printed materials or establish completely new designs and images.

Technical concerns are also taken into consideration to assure that the web site is compatible with the widest range of computer platforms, screen sizes, and color depths. Not to be neglected is the size of the graphics files, which greatly affects the download time.

After client approval of a graphical design, work begins on implementation of the actual Web pages. R2Group possesses all the necessary technical skills to carry out the developmental tasks such as html programming, scripting, database design and development, dynamic page development, and forms processing. R2Group effectively manages these skills to bring projects to a swift conclusion without compromising quality.

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