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R2Group LLC, offers numerous products and services FREE, allowing you, the reseller unlimited potential in creating additional recurring monthly revenue.


When you see the "How To Resell" button on a page, click to find out more about reselling a specific product or service. Each page will list the following bullets, giving you all the information you need to maximize your monthly revenue.

  • What some of the key elements of R2Group's Reseller Program are.
  • How R2Group & Associates offers the most powerful and flexible Managed Server Technology I-MHIP technology in the industry - hands down.
  • How our patented Managed Server Technology I-MHIP gives you administrative control and access to all your configuration files and our world class infrastructure ensure maximum performance, redundancy and scalability.
  • How we also protect your anonymity by private labeling nearly everything so you can put your brand name on it. Your customers will never know who we are.
  • How we minimize your costs for cutting edge technologies so you can compete with any hosting company or ISP on the web.
  • How we provide you with marketing assistance.

R2Group offers one the #1 rated reseller program on the web and for good reason - we understand partnering and your bottom line. Anyone can be an R2Group reseller and earn thousands of dollars a month working part time with nothing more than a PC. Many of our resellers copy our content using our reseller content wizard, integrate and brand it with their own businesses and reap the profit.

R2Group has teamed up with WebsiteGenie is the #1 Award winning Instant Website Creation Tool on the Internet! Their are other programs out there, but WebsiteGenie is constantly adding new designs and features to help you sell this product. WebsiteGenie platforms can be customized and private labeled for your domain name, receive a custom website to offer this service at your pricing. [ See Revenues ]

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  1. How to market the product or service; to include content for your website. To get started, download the Reseller Site Template [ view example ] (RST) and begin reselling R2Group services immediately. Update your site periodically by downloading the latest version. You put in your company's information and pricing and begin selling. Why reinvent the wheel when R2Group has done the work for you? Check back periodically for updates. We constantly add and improve upon things like our shopping cart, domain registration, etools, etc. We also include an up to date Order Form tied to the Reseller products that ensures you can resell everything!!!
  2. How to order the service for your clients. The CP icon indicates when a product or service is available through your Control Panel.
  3. Support; which tells you how we support each product/service anonymously.

Resell the features and services listed below, and make a HUGE PROFIT!

Business Plans WebsiteGenie eTools Suite
Mcart Shopping Cart Domain Names Internet Access
Secure Certificates Website Management Tools Ready4Design
SMT-Cpanel WAP Hosting Firewall Security
Password Protected Directories Merchant Accounts E-Commerce Suite
MySQL Manager Website Backup Service WebMail Service

Contact eSupport service for details on how to sell these services for a profit.
Many of your profits can come from just the setup fees for the above products .

Remove Your Current Limitations!"


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