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Website Tools
NetMechanic's Website maintenance services provide Webmasters with automated online tools for checking links, loadtime, browser compatibility, spelling and HTML syntax. These tools help Webmasters create and maintain Websites to the highest integrity with ease and simplicity.

Internet Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets Revealed!
Let us help. You will discover the most advanced ideas, "clever little" tricks, and key techniques for successful on-line marketing used today by the top people in the field. Find out how yours can be one of the very successful companies that are on the Internet. Have 10,000 visitors at your web site in less then 30 days from now! Increase your profits 200% 300% and more through these amazing techniques!

Top-10 Tracker
Is your web site invisible on the major search engines? Check your site's rankings anytime with a free copy of the award winning Tracker 2.0 !

Visit SolutionHome and HitDomains Appraisal Service
Recently Business.com sold for $7,000,000 as many businesses are looking for the right domain for their product or service. Now that you have done the work to invest in the “right” domain, Are you the least bit curious as to how much that investment is worth? Is it the Next millionaire maker? I am sure you would like to know! Click here to get a professional appraisal of your Internet domain name.

Revised QSV-4
If you are looking to for a professional website design to help develop your net presence view several template options available at R2Group, or get a custom design ecommerce site created to your specifications, complete with your graphics and more call 1-877-510-7928 or 253-875-0032 mention you are responding to a resource advertisement and receive a 10-20% discount off the creation of your website and more... Register an Internet Domain name at R2Group, do it soon as Internet Domain names are disappearing at over 100,000 per month. And with the addition of 67 character domain names, that number will grow even larger!

"Two months has past since you installed the associate software on my site and I have made well over $30,000 from my site. This is simply unbelievable!"

Aztec's Computerized Services Info Disc 2000
This comprehensive disc set contains information on drop-shippers, Discounts, Free Advertising Locations, 600 Money Making Reports and More! Retail $28.00 Special offer From R2Group is ONLY $14.95 while supplies last! BUT If you receive a membership through "LiQuidation NetWork" we will include this valuable collection for ONLY $7.95!!!

Web based Training
We now offer courses that you can take right over the Internet, anytime, anywhere at your convenience! We cover everything from Web development tools and Desktop applications to Microsoft Certified Engineer and A+ Certification topics. In fact we currently have access to over 400 courses covering just about anything that relates to your business and the Internet… there are no CDs to install since the courses are presented in real-time through the Internet to you. And, you can learn at school, at home, or anywhere you have Internet access. That's the beauty of e-Learning!

Online Advertisers
A list of over 750 large corporations that advertise online. Find an advertiser for your website or newsletter.

Tips on search engines; how they work and how to get ranked higher.

Professional Internet Classified Ad Service
Would You like to say more in your Ads and still save money? Do You want to increase your web site traffic? Would you like to reach a national or global audience? Do You want to advertise competitively without paying too much? A penny saved is a penny earned! Would You like to have your Ad displayed in a major online mall which receives between 7 and 10 Million visitors every month? Your Ad will have up to 250 words, graphics, a link to your web site and more… Display your Ad for 3 months for less then $1 a day! If You answered Yes to the above list of questions Professional Classified Ads is For YOU!

Reliable Website Hosting
Finding a web host (and a good one at that) is one of the most difficult tasks in business. So many out there lack in tech support, tools like autoresponders, and shopping carts, that it is rare to find one that does all of the above. Well, we finally found a host that actually does all of the above, and then some! We are proud to recommend them to you.

There are a lot of banner exchange programs out there. We recommend Hyperbanner and you will see why after you visit their site and see the benefits they offer. It is a great way to generate traffic to your site when you are first starting out.

Hot 100 Websites
Up to date list of the most active websites divided into dozens of categories.

Mailloop Software
The software is an absolute necessity to your online business. Mailloop is the complete internet email, bulk email, newsletter server, web form processor, customer database, newsgroup poster, and autoresponder solution. Why do all your daily tasks manually when you can get software to do it for you? Spend your time marketing & growing your business, not doing daily chores, email, etc. It even has a built-in scheduler so it will turn itself on and do the tasks whenever you ask it to! And it all runs from a home PC. Use it everyday and it could solely be responsible for generating thousands $$$ for your business every year. We highly recommend it.

Traffic Boost
Instantly submit your web site to 500+ Internet search engines and Directories.

Free Classified Ad Submission Software
Software that will automatically submit your classified ad to the top 400+ free classified ad sites and bulletin boards (as frequently as you like!), all with the click of ONE button, saving you hours and hours of time. I highly recommend it - a very powerful tool.

Hot Dog HTML Editor
In my opinion, the best HTML editor (website builder) on the market.

Easily Get VISA/MC/AmEx Merchant Accounts
Apply online to accept credit cards. Don't get confused by the price chart they have. It costs $125 upfront and then only $40 a month to lease the terminal that you enter the card numbers on (ignore the talk about $995, that is if you want to buy the terminal instead of paying monthly for it).

Win A Free Vacation
Register to Win A Free Vacation at www.R2Group.com Become a sponsor, display a promotional banner on your web site and attracked new visitors. Daily sweepstakes held Banner records basic information from participants that you could use to assist your future marketing efforts. Have Fun With This one! Enter to with a trip in the US, Canada or Europe IT"S FREE!

The Ultimate Promotion
This service submits your web site to the top 900 search engines and directories, submits your site to over 500 popular links pages, advertises your site with 12,500 banner displays, and gives you hundreds of dollars worth of free offers and discounts. Also, free promotion center, free links page, and free forums. A great resource (and great value)!

Free DOS business programs
A list of Free DOS programs that can be useful to some businesses (ie. address database management, label makers, etc). If you are on a tight budget, check some of these out instead of buying new software.

Small Business Administration Loans
A list of the different loan programs that the SBA offers. It is relatively easy to get a loan up to $25,000 for a new business.

LiQuidation NetWork
"Bringing The Warehouse To Your House" How to Save up to 90% on Brand Name Merchandise Just Like Big Wholesale Dealers Do! "LiQuidators NetWork" saved me 68% off the Retail price of a new 31" inch color Television, so I purchased two and sold the second to my neighbor at a 45% discount off the retail price and I still made a 23% profit. It was a win-win situation for us both!"

Missing Children
Please Follow this web link and help protect our children. We at R2Group are doing are part to help missing & exploited children. Thanks For Your Help! This site could save another child from death!

Looking for a publication? A searchable database with over 90,000 publications. See who your competition is or find a "specialty" publication to advertise in.

Top 10 Promotions
The leading source for premium web site promotion services and software. We guarantee results!

The #1 place on the net to look for software that you need. Everything from freeware, to shareware, to paid-for software. You may have a need for a program that does a specific task... just type in a few keywords in their "search" feature and you may find a program that does exactly what you require.

The most comprehensive list of internet programs available on the net (ie. web browsers, email, telnet, and hundreds more). All have reviews and are rated for their quality and effectiveness. I highly recommend downloading internet software you may need from this site.

Planet Earth Communications
Long distance rates for 6.9 cents per minute.

Patent Info
If you are interested in patenting a product or registering a trademark, everything you need to know is here.

Tutorial for HTML web site design
If you are a beginner and want to learn HTML or website design techniques, this site is an excellent interactive tutorial.

Free images, icons, and graphics
Links to hundreds of free images, icons, and graphics to use in your webpages.

Free CGI programs
Free CGI scripts to use in your website so you can have counters, message boards, guest lists, submission forms, automated mailing lists, search engine capabilities for your site, and much more. These would cost hundreds of dollars to make.

Lookup USA
Need to find a phone number for someone? Lookup USA has over 88 million households and 10 million businesses listed in their searchable database.

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