Why R2Group

Providing Quality eBusiness Solutions
"Remove Your Current Limitations with R2Group!"

We are service providers who deliver web-based services to the SME (Small Medium Enterprises) require the ability to provision, host, bundle, bill and manage large numbers of clients with varying needs in a cost effective manner. ISPs, CLECs, ASPs, Resellers and entrepreneurs operating a home based business need a way minimize costs yet rapidly provision and deliver high quality, custom, hosted solutions. With hundreds of thousands of clients, R2Group & associates have the experience to be the provider's provider. With I-MHIP (Independently Managed Hosting Internet Platform) and support of a 93,000 square foot data center, R2Group & Associates offers the most powerful, manageable and profitable Reseller program on the Web. We continuously develop and launch new cutting-edge and profit generating technologies for our partners. Our business model is peerless and revolves around creating profit for our Resellers. We are committed to helping you grow your business and our Reseller Program provides a viable solution in terms of either start-up costs, or transfer costs for anyone with an existing hosting provider wishing to switch to R2Group.

Who are the developers?

We provide some of the best in price/quality hosting platforms available on the internet. Currently we partner with over 30 programmers and web-developers, 4 high-end and over 10 very good level web-designers, ready to accept your orders for Virtual, Dedicated servers as well as custom design work. At your request we'll engage as many specialists meeting your requirements as you need, to make a work-group for a project...

We remember what it was like being a web hosting or Dialup Internet Access customer looking for service on the web. It was terrible. Support that did anything except support you! Sales people who wanted to be your best friend... before the sale. We offer superior service packages AND we will be here for you down the road. Our prices are competative and among the lowest in the industry...

A Quick Comparison
Here is a checklist of questions to ask and features to look for. In reviewing the following points, ask yourself if your current Internet Presence Provider stands up to the list of features and benefits that are standard on every R2Group hosting plan. If you find yourself answering "NO" often, we have a question for you: what else can we do to earn your business?

Remove Your Current Limitations Are you getting:

  • Multi Server Management and Monitoring
  • Unlimited Server Reseller Hosting
  • Provision, manage and resell national dial-up
  • Provision, manage and resell domain registration
  • Limitless Custom Plan Creation and Billing
  • Flexible 3rd party Application Integration
  • Fully Integrated CRM Module
  • Security Monitoring and Protection
  • Integrated File Manager
  • Fully Integrated Database Manager
  • Fully Integrated Web Suites
  • Private Label DNS
  • Custom Log, disk and bandwidth Management
  • Custom Statistics
  • Integrated Self Help Support
  • Flat monthly bill with no monthly virtual domain Fees
  • Root access to www, ftp, cgi, pop, httpd conf, logs, etc.
  • Free hosting in our data center
  • Web-based Email (IMP)
  • SPAM Prevention Tools
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